1st person in Gherkin?

Good afternoon.

I have a question. I was trying to do a merge request, it was completed but not accepted to merge because the gherkin document was not written in first person, but reading about good gherkin practices, the guide recommends not to use first person to write gherkin.

My surprise is that when I go to the repository, all the gherkin documents are in first person! What is the reccomendation for this issue? what we should do? Is the fluid guideline that everything must be written in first person?

Im moving this question from gitlab to here, the original issue can be located here:


Could you please add the gherkin good practices link where you found the recommendation?

sure: https://www.spritecloud.com/the-3-most-common-mistakes-writing-gherkin-features/

Well, there’s plenty of things to say here.

I understand the goal of the recommendation is to build a dev-oriented gherkin and ease the role management, making a distinction between roles: user, admin, visitor, etc … that is the core of the good practice. However, for a hacking ctf challenge, we always play the same role: attacker, so I don’t think it’s necessary to make a role distinction here. Even when there’s a privilege escalation vulnerability and a user can become admin following a determined procedure we still remain as an attacker.

The submission criteria does not detail anything regarding this, but it also true that we use gherkin for another approach that differs from conventional use-cases documentation. Check this article for example:


Maybe we’re dabbling into something that hasn’t standardized yet and hence we still have to define what is considered a “good practice” in this context