A question about merge request

Hello there, I passed the last commit from my first challenge but, my merge request has been closed, so, I will launch these question.

What happen if the merge request is closed and I need to make some changes (a bit changes) from my source code?

Am I going to erase my branch again (previously I make a backup) and follow the respectly changes?

I send this pic with these reason, because I am going to follow the advice of this dude for will merging with master (the code has been censored by the anti-cheat policies)

Doubts and questions are welcome!

Best regards!

Indeed, you have to delete the branch and make the changes that are requested, if I’m not wrong, you are missing the compilation part, how to run the code and the output of the program U.u.
Well, as the documentation indicates, you cannot make more than one commit at a time, also if I am not wrong in the code there can be no comments.
I hope my comment helps you

Okay, So I will follow the advice of this dude, and your advice too; it doesn’t allow non-sense comments!

Best regards!

hi, I think this might help you