Abourt unique solutions

hello guys, i uploaded more o less 10 solutions (1 develop, 9 ctf) but i get some problems with the unique solutions, i explain myself.
I know that de unique solutions are the links inside of the OTHERS.lst, those links are solutions of any ctf challenge that could be or not solution of the challenge that i resolved, also i know my links hasn’t be inside of the repo of autonomic, But how can i know what links are inside of the repo?
if you guys need more info about it or if i wasn’t explain clearly, write me. Have a good day

Hello, I don’t know if I understood very well, but regarding the unique challenges it was also a big problem for me and what I was told was that you have to place solutions in the OTHER.lst of other challenges, that is you do the PUSH with the “.feature” file, the “LINK.lst” file and the folder with evidence photos “if it has photos”, but your 10 links are going to be placed by example in the OTHER.lst file of the challenges that are in the “Pentesting” folder you place your 10 links. Here is an example of the mistake I made


yeah, i know, but the problem i have is in the OTHER.lst cause i need to upload 10 links of any solution(in my case cft solutions) but the guys of autonomic told me that those links need to be uniques ,i.e, those links can’t be inside of the repository, i.e, i can’t upload any links in oTHERS.lst that other user uploaded in his OTHER.lst. But how can i know what links are inside of the repo? or how can i know if my links are uniques or not before make my commit
btw the link you passed it’s broke.

Well, what I would do is, as I use “Visual Studio Code IDE” in the search option I put some link of mine to see if there is one repeated in the whole repository, because if I start searching in each solution it will make complicated

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Hi, there is the follow solutions for your problem,

  • As @clean-camera, you can use any tools that allow you to search repeate links on OTHER.lts
  • You can use the gitlab search to find it.
  • You can use the advance search of google to find no repeat links to OTHER.lts

Hello There

I think there’s a big misunderstanding here regarding Others and Challenges.

First of all, do not confuse Unique and Repeated, others cannot be repeated in the same list, but not necessarily need to be unique, if that were the case it would be pointless to count the number of external solutions on every MR.

However challenges Need to be unique, that is, they must not have internal nor external solutions in the repo: No others, no features

I think that what Autonomic is trying to say is that you must double check your Others, verifying that the solution you’re uploading is not already in the list of external solutions for that challenge.

I hope this clarifies your doubts