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Hello, I got I question… Can I solve a challenge that have already links in the others.lst of its folder?

Yes you can, if its a hacking challenge the ideal scenario is 0 others, 0 internal solutions but you can solve it anyway, if its a programming challenge there’s no problem at all.

and if the challenge has no.featuare file and links in others.lst, it would count as unique solution or just as solution?

It will count as a hacking solution, unique solutions are challenges that no one has either solved yet nor has external solutions in the repository (others)

programming challenge counts as a unique solution as long as it doesn’t have a solution in the language I use for solve it?
edit: and others.lst doens’t have a raw in the language I use

just as a solution.

if you are an applicant during the selection process you need unique solutions!

so when it count as a unique solution?
I think I get it all wrong :frowning:

This topic has been already addressed in some post of this forum:

I hope this clarify all your doubts

I still have doubts :frowning:
when it is a programming challenge, in the folder’s challenge it can not be another solution in the same language neither a link with a solution in the same language.

When it is a hacking/vbd challenge, in the folder’s challenge it can not be another solution and others.lst must be empty
Am I right?


Exactly, Others.lst must not exist

Indeed, that is what a unique challenge is :wink:

All of this is in the documentation. Here it explains how a solution loses uniqueness https://gitlab.com/fluidattacks/writeups/-/wikis/Submission#4-uniqueness

Good evening I have the same question, solved the 6 initial challenges but only one of the 6 is unique, so my questions to know if I understood:

  1. If I make a solution in .py and the file OTRO.lst there is a solution in .py it is no longer unique?, Therefore I would have to create a solution in a language that is not inside that folder and that also not in the OTHERS.lst?

  2. I made a solution from scratch in .js, that is, that solution had no folders, created an OTHER.lst file and put some solutions in .js, does that mean it was not a one-off solution? However, delete the OTHERS.lst file, and when I run the pipe I don’t get any errors, will I be accepted a merge with the deleted OTHER.lst file?

Thank you