About OTHERS.lst solutions

What happens

In the repository of Autonomic Jump, specifically challenge 3 from codeabbey, there are 10 .yml files, which means that 10 users had upload the solution for that challenge in 10 different programming languages.

I have three major questions:

  1. Why in the OTHERS.lst file, there are not 100 solutions?

  2. In the documentation about exteranl solutions excplicitly said: “They don’t need to be solutions for the same challenge that you solved or the same website”, so: This doesn’t allow to paste any link that redirects to a raw.githubusercontent.com no matter the contet of the file?

  3. The webpage of Codeabbey suggest that solutions must not be upload to github. Are we breaking the codeabbey policy recommendations by requesting solutions from github?

What do you understand or find about that problem

As rookie in programming I believe that search solutions for a challenge that already had solutions is unnecessary and tangled

You make any workaround? What did you do?

I found that the OTHERS.lst file from challenge 3 the line 12 has a solution about prime numbers, line 13 about validity of card, and so on.

Is not meaningless ask to upload solutions that have no relation with the challenge?


Evidences are already quote in the post.

I need help with

If in OTHERS.lst must be unique solutions with unique programming language (not repeated) How or what can I do to adress this situation? For me, is absurd upload 10 links from github where there is no relation with the challenge, just to fulfill a requirement…


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I will answer your questions in order

  1. There are two reasons why there are not 100 links,
  • One is that the OTHER.lst files are usually cleaned up since with time the links that work, may cease to exist and these links must be deleted.

  • The second reason, you don’t need to add 10 links for your solution, you need to add 10 links in total in your MR that solve whichever challenges in the repo

  1. The content of the link matters, the idea is to add 10 links, but each one must solve the challenge to which was added

  2. Codeabbey solutions uploaded by other users to github just are collected as a method to prevent plagiarism within the repo, so this policy would not be breaking and also as I commented in the previous points they can be solutions to any challenge of the repo

The OTHERS.lst file is part of the methodology that we use within the repo to avoid plagiarism, by constantly requesting solutions to challenges, we prevent the various solutions that are on the internet from being copied-pasted in our repo.

If you do not find a solution in another language for your challenges you can try with other challenges page or other challenges different from the one that you solved

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Hi @uneasy-ruler,
I couldn’t find another language for my challenge as there are too many chall\sol(code): #0 codeabbey, 001 (1.00)

I solved other challenges different from the one I solved but in the pepeline I get this error (code_has_unique_ext):

I am new and then I don’t understand what I have to do, as I solve other exercises in 10 links with 3 different languages. I don’t know if they have to be 10 different ones, I already read the documentation but I didn’t understand well.
Thank you for your help.

If the OTHERS.lst file contains duplicate URLs you can delete them.