About the links in OTHERS.lst

What happens

I am not sure about the content OTHERS.lst file

What do you understand or find about that problem

In this post About OTHERS.lst solutions I see that it is not necessary 10 links solving a challenge in specific, but that solve any challenge in repo. How ever this is the las commentary in my last MR


You make any workaround? What did you do?

I read the General criteria and external solutions here: General Criteria | Autonomic Jump but, Is not clear to me

I need help with

Understanding the policies about OTHERS.lst, because i.e if I search solutions for 017 challenge in yashira, 1 found one link in github, and this makes that my solution is not unique.

Again, than you.

If you are adding links that solve a different challenge than the one you are solving, you need to add the link in its corresponding folder

for example
If you want to add a link that solve the challenges 074 for yashira you need add that link to the folder hack/yashira/074/OTHERS.lst

OK, understood. But, what about that solutions in github are limited and made that my solution is not unique?

Your solution will be no longer unique if inside its OTHER.lst file there are external link (this for hacking challenges), it doesn’t matter if the link completely solve a challenge or it doesn’t, since this external links are reference of how solve the challenges

One question more, in the case of hacking challenges, is valid a link different from github?

yes, with hacking challenges its possible add whichever kind of reference