Add solution evidences in programming MRs

What if we start demanding solution/linting evidence (images) on programming MRs?

It would add an extra confidence factor, to guarantee the trainee really solved the challenge he/she said, we currently apply a kinda leap of faith here.

I propose that along with the commit-msg with the uniqueness/progress information we add 3 images on every commit:

  • One with the linting output, directly taken from the terminal (so we can compare it with the pre-lude)
  • One screenshot of the solved challenge (in the web page) using the same code the trainee added in the commit
  • One screenshot of the output of the solution, using existing test data taken from DATA.lst (so we can compare it with the postlude)

This helps us to increase the strictness on the accepted MR, and to difficult the manipulation/falsification of solutions.

@blue-snot @roaring-lamport @infinite-loop I would like to read your thoughts on this

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Now that we get visibility of all the questions, I conclude that most of the people still don’t read the docs. Therefore more documented requirements not verifiable automatically by the CI will increase the problem.

The root of the situation is that:

  • People still ask already documented things,
  • People ask in the wrong way:
    – Not sending partial logs with quotes,
    – Not linking the full logs,
    – Not writing about his previous research about the question.

But we cannot change people; we could try to change us just a little bit. Our part of the problem is that we still respond to them. For me, the way to approach this is:

  • If the topic is already documented, and we are sure about it, we must answer only with the link to the docs,
  • If the question is incomplete, answer with the link to the topic “Why nobody answers my question?”,
  • Else, respond appropriately, complementing the link to the docs with the clarification or just with the answer.
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