Append the new others at the end of the file?

Im receiving the next issue when i put a link in others.lst:

Just append the new others at the end of the file to avoid this kind of git diffs

What does it mean? i put the link on the Others.list end of the others.lst doc and leave a blank space for the eof. Im doing something wrong?

original question:

We strongly encourage commits and changes made to the repositories to be as clear as possible, to understand in a quick glance what is changing on every MR.

In this case, git detects you are modifying the entire file instead of a portion of it. The solution is quite simple, just add the others at the end of the file, one other per line:


Make sure to check that git detects only the additions of the new solutions in the others and not the change of the entire file before opening a MR.

This can be done quickly using a git diff @~1 in your console or checking your branch diff in the gitlab web interface

Hope it clarifies your doubts :slight_smile:

Hi there @dynamic-manager

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