Autonomicmind programming challenges question

Cordial greeting
When I successfully complete the codeabbey challenge, to have the file of others, which indicates to me that there is in the file the references of the same challenge are found.
I have doubt about how I extract that file others.
Thank you

Hi there @usual-fly

The answer to this question is in the documentation of the process but if the topic is still unclear, I think there’s already a similar topic with its own solution on I don't know how to create OTHERS.lst file?, please check it.

If this is not the solution to your question, could you re-write your question to make it a little more clear?. otherwise If this topic is solved, please mark it as such by checking the solution chart at the bottom of the post you consider that properly answers your question (go to the answer, click on the ellipsis and then the solved button).

Use meaningful titles, associated with the issue or doubt you’re having. That way others can find your question in case they have it too.