Calculate mi previous rank in codeabbey

Hello everyone. I’m currently solving codeabbey challenges, i already have one solved and i want to push it to gitlab, however in the template i see i need to calculate my previous rank before solving the challenge, which i dont have, it only shows the current rank, i’m searching in the forum and only found a way to calculate my global and local range, but didn’t find anything about previous rank! and i really want to upload this solved challenge because i worked on it for 2 days :frowning:

Anyway, thanks a lot.

I have a similar issue, i was allowed on tuesday to the training repo, but i work and solved a chall from codeabbey on weekend, and yesterday i finished another, so i only have the current rank in codeabbey, but i’d like to upload both of the codes. Is there a way to calculate that rank variation?

HI there

If you both just started coding in Codeabbey, the best practice is to assume you start from the last position for both national and global rankings. Codeabbey has the advantage that provides these ranks and you can easily track your progress. For global ranking go to the ranking tab, navigate until the last page and take the last position of the ranking as your initial position and your current ranking as your final position. For national ranking, is quite the same procedure, but you need to add some considerations, such as selecting the country, and manually counting positions until you reach the last one. There are more details about how to manage these rankings on this post: Global and national rank in Codeabbey

I hope this solve all your doubts.

Happy coding!