Can’t pass build_solutions_kotlin

What happens

I’m having a hard time trying to pass test_generic. Here are the errors:

What do you understand or find about that problem

errors are evident in CI tests “build_solutions_kotlin” and “test_generic”

You make any workaround? What did you do?

I tried to modify the kotlin linter but I was unsuccessful and I am not entirely sure that the error is there


Trim Trailing Whitespace…Failed

  • hook id: trailing-whitespace duration: 0.06s
  • exit code: 1 files were modified by this hook
  • Fixing code/codeabbey/007/miyyer1946.kt

Fix End of Files…Failed

  • hook id: end-of-file-fixer
  • duration: 0.06s
  • exit code: 1 files were modified by this hook
  • Fixing code/codeabbey/007/miyyer1946.kt

I need help with

I don’t know why the pipeline fails and I try to make workarounds but didn’t work, what I should do to fix this.

Trim Trailing Whitespace, that means that you have some useless spaces in your code.

Fix End of Files, that means that you have files without a blank line at the end.

You must find the problems and fix it, you can find a lot of things with only the use of Google, you can use VSCODE as your editor and use the trim function:


and you can add in settings add this rules:


You must read the names of the failed hooks, the names say 80% of you need to do, the other 20% is your own research in the web.

@pastel-code I am very grateful for your help, your comments were very relevant and I was able to correct several things, but I have another problem this time with the build_solutions_kotlin file, I cannot find the error that prevents passing the CI tests

I appreciate being able to receive comments that allow me to reach a solution is the only test that I cannot pass

can you open a new thread for this and send the commit link in the evidences to see your file?

@pastel-code very kind for your comments and attention I allow to attach the links that show the mistakes thanks.

link to the pipeline:

link to commit:

Ok, your problem is in your file, the problem says that the problem is in 10:73 and says that the expected was " but receive another thing, for that your file is not compliant with the build for kotlin, try to thing how you can fix that, because the error says what do you need.

And another suggestion, do not hardcode the data in a var, try to read the data from stdin and run the file with cat DATA.lst | <run file> see this Example.

I really appreciate the collaboration, it was of great help, I was able to solve my errors through the log file of the CI tests which I did not know