Can´t pass build_solutions_r

Hello everyone, I hope you are very well.
Doing the test build_solutions_r I get this error
My prelude:
When I remove the prelude, obviously this error does not appear and I pass the test, but they do not accept the MR without a prelude. I do not know what to do.

In some linters you can found somethings like a flags or comments that allow to break some rules or ignore some lines, you should read about the linter and search if you found any kind of comment that allow you to modificate that rule in your code.

For example in C you must use comments to say to the linter what do you want to do:


in this image you can see comments in the params and in the function itself, that says to the linter that I will modify stars[] with that function and what kind of params I want to receive, try to search if the linter that you must run have these kind of things, if now search for the flag that disable that error and open a issue in the repo to solve that in the CI if it’s necessary.