Cannot pass test_policy

What happens

It seems that my solutions can’t pass test_policy due my solution being non compliant with the structure. I have already checked the wiki and everything seems in order

What do you understand or find about that problem

Recently there was a change in how the test_policy was evaluated, maybe it is a bug in the code? I actually run the test_policy on the code before the change and it worked pretty fine but when i pulled master to get the change it started failing, i even sent a MR and all the pipelines were ok, but it failed when it was merging into master

You make any workaround? What did you do?

I thought at first i was doing something wrong, maybe it was because the challenge folder didn’t have the OTHERS.lst, so I added it, but still failed


That’s the policy failing

and here is the folder of the challenge, it should be well structured

sadly i do not have any screenshot on the policy passing since i thought i was just being silly and forgot to do something and restarted the branch with the change

I need help with

Understanding if maybe i am committing some kind of mistake or it is just a bug on the test_policy structure evaluation.

Hi, I found a little error on the new pattern to eval the structure, for that I’m uploading a change, the error makes that the path never matches.

Now, I’m uploading the fix for that, you can wait and later rebase and try again

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