Can't find more external solutions for OTHERS.lst

Hello. I haven’t been able to send Merge Requests for my programming challenges because I can’t find any external solutions in languages that aren’t already included in the OTHERS file. I have checked the forums, googled, used GitHub’s search, etc., and barely had luck in finding only 9 for my first challenge (external solutions for other challenges, of course).

I think that nowadays the chances of finding unique external solutions in languages that haven’t been already included are too low, because if you take a look at the challenges most of them have a lot of already posted external solutions in the most popular languages.

Every time I look for a new external solution it is either already included in the language I found it, or it hasn’t been solved yet in other language (or it is really hard to find, because I have been searching for a while).

I think you must reconsider that part of the challenges because the amount of options for new external solutions is too narrow, and you are expecting to post too many of them (I mean, 10 per challenge, would be finding 30 in total for only the programming part).

Any suggestions/advise?

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