Can't pass build_solutions_rust


I can’t pass the test build_solutions_rust my code compiles and even pass the linter, but I’m having this error in the test. and I don’t know why. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @perceived-doubt, seems like rustfmt is complaning about some lines not being properly indented.

Hi @infinite-loop I’m pretty sure my identation is correct (4 spaces) and the thing is, locally, rustfmt does not complain. I’m running $ rustfmt --check am I missing any flag or something?


4 spaces is not correct! the default indentation level is … ? 4 or ?

only for certain languages is 4, and just because of…

read the code of the CI and the rustfmt config

Hi @blue-snot according to the documentation the standard indentation should be four spaces

I’m going to read the CI code, thanks

Edit: Oh, I see it now, the CI is configured for two spaces as identation, thanks.

each language define his own flavor, but i am referring to our style guideline

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Also, this is the current config for rustfmt:

Not adding such config explains why it passes locally but fails on both local and gitlab jobs.

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