Cant pass Test policy

Hi all!
I just ran the test policy locally and I don’t recognize the error or problem. Can someone tell me what it means and maybe how I can fix it. Thanks!


The test_policy is a new build in the CI that has an specific policy for every user, something like:

user A can make challenges only in codeabbey, with crystal-lang with a minimum blessing of “X” and a maximum blessing of “Y” with a step of “Z” blessing each challenge.

But I don’t know if the policy was completed build right now and what is the default policy, because today I can’t access to see it, if you can wait I can ask or someone who knows more about this can help :smile:

@suspicious-flame Can you please push your commit so I can take a look at what’s making it fail? Thanks!

Hi, I present the same problem. Someone could have fixed the mistake.

Push your changes to the repo and attach the pipeline link. Otherwise it is impossible for me to debug this.

Please read this carefully:

Hi, I pushed my changes but failed. This is the ID Job #618561502

Please send the link to the job. In that way we could go directly and help you with some ideas.

This is the MR

I already wrote you the reason for the failure on the MR comment

Hi, I got your comment and I wasn’t waiting to do the MR. Thank you very much for your help.