Can't push to Writeups

Hello. Today I’ve tried to push another challenge to the writeups repository but git bash can’t read the repository.

I checked my gitlab account and it seems I was removed due to expiration, but it’s weird since I pushed to the same repo the day before.

Hope you can help me. Thanks in advance

Try again, I already gave you access to the repo :wink:

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Hello. I was removed again from the writeups repository and Im not inactive. I have no idea why is this happening, could you help me? :cold_sweat:

@cooperative-bit once you join one of your repositories during the training process your account has a deadline, i.e it will expire after a certain time. This is a company policy, It does not mean that you were retired from the training process, it’s an extra measure to get rid of ghost users who don’t contribute to the repo. Since you have contributed with challenges and writeups we will renew your access to the repo as many times as needed until you finish your training process, so, don’t worry about it and keep the hard work! :wink:

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