Commit error in ubuntu

good afternoon, I am running the commit with ubuntu using “git commit”, but it generates the following error “body must have loading blank line”, here are the screenshot.

Screenshot from 2020-02-08 11-36-01

Please replace the image with formatted text to allow future trainees with the same issue to find the solution easily .

The error message is pretty self-explanatory, you must remove the first blank line from the commit msg. A git commit --amend would be useful in these cases :wink:

What image do you mean?

the blank space above the line “sun (code) …” if I remove it, it generates other errors that are the ones that say:

x footer must have an initial blank line
x body must have loading blank line
x subject cannot be empty
type x may not be empty
x scope may not be empty
  • I also tried to copy and paste a commit from my other colleagues to see if the error was mine, but any change I make generates those 5 errors and all 9 exercises are finished but cannot move forward because of that jajaja.
  • Please add a link with the CI job if you are running remotely to give it a check.
  • If you are running locally, try removing the node_modules folder and run: $ npm install. If the error persists, please update the post with the outputs you get :wink: