Commit message for previously solved challenge

What happens

A MR was closed for a challenge that I have previously solved in codeabbey, but that I was not able to upload to the repo before due to a policy error from my part.

What do you understand or find about that problem

The commit message was rejected because I presented zero (0) progress in the global and national ranks. However, the score was calculated with the “blessing” in mind.

You make any workaround? What did you do?

I based the commit message on previous forum posts, saying that I can compute the score and use the current rank in CodeAbbey. I don’t know if this is still valid for this case.


Screenshot for the commit message.
sol(code): #0 codeabbey, 104 (5.85)

I need help with

I need some advice on how to format the commit message for this previous challenge.

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Hi :wave:@spaghetti-monster

I have been checking your issue, and I have found these posts which are relationship with your problem.
After reading them It’s clear that zero progress aren’t desirable. However in some cases it could happen and may be your case might be special.

Hi, as you see in your previous commit your final global and national ranks are 3300 and 170, so these should be the values that you have as final values due to this is your current rank.

Previous commit

On the other hand, as you can see from various posts, you should avoid 0 progress metrics unless it is actually a 0 progress metric, so after discuss with @pastelcode, you could do the following:

Using the “blessing” for this new challenge, find out what your progress would have been if “blessing” would have been counted, so you should subtract of your current total blessing, the blessing of this challenge that you solve in the past, now looking at the ranking table your new position with this “blessing” you can get a progress, this will be your progress which you could use to calculate your initial rank.

An example, your rank is 10, because you have 150 blessing, so this challenge (you solve in the past) was 8 blessing, it means that if you had never done that challenge previously your blessing would be 142, so you search and it turns out that with that blessing you would have a rank of 24 this means that your progress was 14.

Hi, my new commit message is:
Screenshot from 2021-01-19 08-21-17

It happens I had made several mistakes: the final score was also wrong. After taking into account your advice, the “would-be” initial ranks were changed and the progress is not 0. I’m uploading this challenge again.

I have another challenge with this same problem: “sol(code): #0 codeabbey, 069 (6.94)”. Can I upload it using the same criteria from this one?

Thanks a lot.

Yes, you can use the same approach to upload it, if you have the same situation