Commit title non-compliant?


I would kindly appreciate if somebody please tell me why my commit title is non-compliant. My commit title is:

How is it different, for example, to this commit title:

Thanks in advance.

Not all rules documented in manuals are possible, easy, or economically smart to automate, we try hard, but still impossible to reach perfection. In this case:

sol(hack): #0 root-me, network-bluetooth-file ...

instead of:

sol(hack): #0 network-bluetooth-file, root-me ...

That’s why we do manual peer review per change. Automation helps but is not infallible.

Regarding your example, the format is site, challenge, not challenge, site. The case that you are referring to is OK (lord-of-sqli is a site), yours not (bluetooth-… is not a site, is root-me).

If you look in the parser combinator, from the parser POV, both are just strings. We don’t know in advance all the sites or challenges names. We only enforce some canonicalization.