Complexity min step and max step

What happens

I solved some code challenges, but it fails because of the expected complexity. First it was low, and now it is high. I’m solving code problems with rust but there are not code challenges between the expected complexity.

What do you understand or find about that problem

I need to found a code challenge to solve, between the expected range. Anyway there are none, because other person solve it, or it is in the OTHERS.lst file

You make any workaround? What did you do?

While I was searching if there is some code challenge available in the repository, I saw that same people solved code challenges with similar complexity or lower than the minimum step. So I think I’m wrong with the complexity number or I should fix it just to fit. But I prefer your guidance.


The commit template says:

<complexity> is the blessing in codeabbey (can be a decimal),

I need help with

I need to understand what to do if there are not challenges available between the expected complexity?
or should I do it in other language? but the instruction was to solve code challenges with rust

Would appreciate your help.

Hi, you are right, in your actual step you can solve any of these challenges:

But seeing every challenge in that list I can found that all already has an external or internal solution, you should ask the one that says to you that you can only solve problems on rust, he can change you the lang. (or the ugly way, upload a non-unique sol to change the step).

@pastel-code a non unique solution will affect the score or i doesn’t matter?

It can affect the ranking, and the % of unique solutions, but we can change you to elixir lang.

Hi everyone, @pastel-code is there another way to change the step without upload a non unique solution?


No, the only way to change the step is with a new sol or talking with the one that put you in the policy, because he can change the steps, the lang or the deviation.

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this MR changes the lang for you

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@pastel-code I think that upload a non unique sol is not changing the % on code user rank

@fat-byte yes can affect % of unique solutions:


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