CTF challenges includes all categories in Root-me?

Hello and good day.

Im trying to resolve the ctf challenges in root me website but im confused: any challenge of any section of the challenges section in the web is valid? i can choose any challenge from the web? this include the cryptanalisiys section? thanks.

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Yes, any challenge from root-me is valid, as long as it fits the criteria in the documentation.


I couldn’t find the exact reference on the docs, when in the past we make a big clarification on the type of challenge allowed on every site:

  • if it requires technical understanding, using software tools, etc: is allowed,

  • if not, is not allowed.

For example, mathematical exercises, riddles, etc, are not allowed. Seems like crypto challenges are perfectly fine, unless you could crack it in your mind :wink:

@infinite-loop, do you know where is the reference in the technical challenge doc?

Here it is!


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