Development environment for groovy

What happens

For the training process I chose Groovy as a programming language to develop my exercises in the Ubuntu 20.04 Operating System But I have had problems developing in the language because it is unstable. I have not been able to set it in an IDE or text editor which allows me to debug my code, so I find it very difficult to develop new challenges.

What do you understand or find about that problem

This is a language that needs its dependencies with the jdk and JAVA_HOME well defined in the PATH of the operating system, apart from needing to be downloaded the groovy from the OFFICIAL page
(The Apache Groovy programming language - Download) and set to a folder. But sometimes the editor can “forget” where things are to be able to execute the code normally and therefore it is time to redirect it back to the corresponding folders

Did you try any workaround? What did you do?

I have tried to look for online editors, I was using one that is: which allows me to develop and establish the inputs for the program but does not allow me to debug. I have tried developing in VScode which allows me to work with git normally, allows me to develop but does not let me debug either. I have also tried to develop in Intellij Idea Ultimate with the following guide Run, debug, and test Groovy | IntelliJ IDEA, I set in the project the jdk 13.0.1 or the Openjdk 17, but in none of the cases lets me develop, that is, neither run the code nor make the respective debug Finally I have tried to debug with gdb and similar but none works for me


I need help with

I need help to be able to establish a suitable working environment with Groovy, where I can debug the code and run it.

Know if there is one that comes with these features by default.

You could try installing it with nix Languages | Autonomic Jump