Does test_policy work good?

What happens

So far I have understood that the test policy seeks equivalence in the types of challenges that are merged and according to a user of the forum it seems that it is like this

What the policy means and what the error is telling you, is that you should upload your solutions in a way that the standard deviation is close to 0, usually the sequence to go is doing 1 code, 1 hack and 1 vbd, doesn’t matter the order, the important thing is to have the same amount of solutions for each type of challenge

The problem is that I have merged 5 challenges of type vbd in a row and the test_policy continues to indicate the deviation towards vbd

What do you understand or find about that problem

I honestly don’t understand how test_policy works now or I think is that the test_policy is not configured correctly and is failing for some reason

You make any workaround? What did you do?

Actually I have no problems with the test policy, I manage to pass it, my question is about the deviation and since I do not have privileges I could not configure it



I need help with

Understand what is happening, now I tried submitting a hack challenge and it fails because of the test_policy, this is the pipeline

I found your problem, your problems are because test_policy has some specific rules, first, the folder structure, second the folder names.

You can find the folders structure HERE is something like:

site -> challenge -> feature/evidence

And the name of the folders must have the CWE for the vulnerability in the beginning.

you already upload 8 VBD, but only 1 is compliant with the policy rules, for that reason the policy only shows 1 unique solution for VBD.


You can see that only the dc-3/0089-sql-injection is compliant, for that reason your policy didn’t work well.

Hi and thanks but I don’t understand the reason of this email. Please can you tellvme more?

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