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What happens

  1. I understand that when I upload a code I must upload my solution to the others related to this exercise. However, the exercise that I am solving already has an external .dart solution.

  1. Now I have a slight doubt about the minimum expected complexity (Although I suppose that nothing can be done) I basically developed an exercise that does not fall within the range of minimum complexity, but it is a bit sad that it is lost. In fact, because this exercise has not been solved in the repository in the dart language.

What do you understand or find about that problem

I briefly looked around the forum but did not find a similar problem

You make any workaround? What did you do?

  1. Honestly, I am not very sure what to do, because I could delete the link that is already there, but I do not know how legal it is.

  2. I guess not much can be done about this, since the documentation is clear. Although I would like to ask if something can be done


Please ignore the rest of the problems, it was my first try and I made dumb mistakes.
How to put advance -2 hahaha.

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I need help with

Solve these small doubts

Hi, External Solutions | Autonomic Jump here you can find the solution related with the first question, in the “Rules” part. And here Test Policy | Autonomic Jump the second question, yes it can be sad, but remember there are other 3 languages to code.
Almost all of your doubts will be in the documentation, maybe is a little hard or bored but if you read in calm you will understand a lot of things. Regards.