Doubts regarding unique challenges

Good evening I solved the 6 initial challenges, but only one of the 6 is unique, so my questions to know if I understood the answers in these posts:

If I make a solution in .py and the OTHER.lst file there is a solution in .py, it is no longer unique, so I would have to create a solution in a language that is not inside that folder and is not in the others.

I made a solution from scratch in .js, i.e. That solution had no folder, created an OTHER.lst file and put some solutions in .js, does that mean it was not a one-off solution? However, delete the OTHERS.lst file, and when I run the pipe I don’t get any errors, is a merge valid without the OTHER.lst file?

Thank you.

You can only delete solutions from the OTHERS.lst file under 2 circusmtances:

  1. The link to the external solution no longer exist (HTTP 404 Response)
  2. The link is a redirection to another site (HTTP 403 - Response), in this case you must upload the correct link withouth redirections.

Immersion process is really dynamic and competitive, your solutions may lose their uniqueness and this is perfectly normal and expected, it is your duty to keep competitive by uploading new unique solutions once the ones you already have in the repo are no longer unique. Instead of wasting your energy trying to get back the solutions that once were unique, focus on upload new unique solutions, addressing new challenges, and mostly acquire knowledge, this is the final goal of this stage, unique solutions are metrics to assess this progress. So less chat, more code :wink:

Thank you very much for your help, but it will be a bit difficult to be able to code and hack without the assurance that they serve as unique solutions, as there is a lot of confusion on the forums, however I will continue to upload exercises

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