Elvish Error: pipe2: too many open files

What happens

I am doing a code challenge of Codeabbey - Challenge 140 and I already made the necessary code, when I execute a value between 1 to 80 everything is fine, but when I run higher numbers, it marks an error that I can’t understand.

Error Message

Exception: pipe2: too many open files

What do you understand or find about that problem

I understand that the program does an operation in which it executes many operations and does not allow me to obtain the proper result (large result).
When they are values between 1 and 80 or to be precise between 10 and 20, everything works fine.

You make any workaround? What did you do?

I tried converting the numbers to strings, changing the way I input the data, but nothing works.



use str
use math

fn input_data []{
  put [(each [line]{
    put [(str:split ' ' $line)]

fn fact [x]{
  if (<= $x 1) {
    echo 1
  } else {
    echo (* $x (fact (- $x 1)))

fn catNum [n]{
  put (/ (fact (* $n 2)) (* (fact $n) (fact (+ $n 1))))

fn calculate [data]{
  each [values]{
    catNum $values[0]
  } $data

echo (calculate (input_data))

This is how I’m currently passing the data (as args)
When DATA.lst contains a value 10

cat DATA.lst | elvish code.elv
Result: 2674440

When DATA.lst contains a value 254
Error code

cat DATA.lst | elvish code.elv
Exception: pipe2: too many open files

I need help with

I would need help to understand if there is another method in which I can get a large number without generating an error.

I think your problem is related with this, you have a limit on the number of recursive calls that you make before getting a stackoverflow

Avoid that problem is pretty easy once you understand the origin

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Thanks, I’ve been reading about it, I’m going to try.