Error: 1 dependencies of derivation

What happens
When I generate the push, everything loads without error, but when I generate the merge request, it throws the error “error: 1 derivation dependency ‘/nix/store/cx7cknf9apkhp500p9kfm2acm1iw2yag-make-derivation-parallel-for-test-generic-user- yaml -vbd.drv’ failed to compile”

What do you understand or find about that problem?

The message appears to be the same as the commit message.

Do you do any solution? What did you do?
I searched for a thread about it in the forum and apparently, it was an error in the repository, I tried deleting the branch and creating the commit but no solution was achieved




Remember that sometimes pipelines fail because they are overloaded, remember to restart them, that could solve your error. Currently, I have already restarted the 3 pipelines that contain an error for you to check.