Error formatYaml and Others.lst pt3

What happens

Errors are currently occurring regarding external links and the yaml file.

What do you understand or find about that problem

From what I understand of each error:


Apparently the bot tells me that I have a duplicate link. However, as can be seen in the following image, verify that the link was not previously inserted in the file.


In this error I suppose that the bot reports that there are links that it cannot access, however, therefore I would not know how to solve it.


Apparently the bot reports that the links are out of order but it really doesn’t understand how to order the links or what to do at this point.


I have already shown this error previously and one of the solutions that they informed me that it could work was to change the single quotes of the date to double quotes, which has already been done.
Another solution that I read in the forum is to reload the task, however it did not work.
Another solution that I could see was to clone the repository again, delete the repository branch and redo the merge, however it didn’t work either.

You make any workaround? What did you do?

Report my mistakes made in the forum to find a solution, however I am not very clear about what else to change or do so that the merge is allowed


Pipeline #751271897

I need help with

I would like an answer about it, I have no other options to solve the problem.

Just as the error tells you, you cannot add external links with the same code extension. Continuing with the other problems, the links that are broken or show an HTTP status error should be removed (to check the links you could look for an online tool), remember that the links you should add are raw or similar. Also to sort the links you can look for a tool on the internet to sort alphabetically, finally, I repeat that it is important that you read carefully before publishing a post, these errors are quite common.


Can you explain the error add “external links with the same code extension” to me in more detail?

I don’t understand this very well.


Thank you very much, so I basically can’t mount two solutions of the same language at the same time?