[ERROR] HTTP 200 in OTHERS.lst and code sort byext

What happens

Previously I was getting an error when merging because I had links that were currently broken in some Others.lst files.

Now through a python program that maps the OTHERS.lst files in the codeabbey folder. Eliminate the links that did not have access. However, now I have the following problems.

In addition to this I am having problems organizing the links alphabetically, since the boot keeps telling me that the file Others.lst of the 001 folder is disordered, however with this same python program I organized the file with respect to its extensions. (It should be clarified that this problem arises from before manipulating this file)

Then I leave a piece of the file at the beginning and at the end:

What do you understand or find about that problem

The alphabetizing error is easy to understand, I just don’t understand why I’m not accomplishing this task.
I simply don’t understand the link status error and I couldn’t find any information.

You make any workaround? What did you do?

Unfortunately I have not been able to solve my problems with the other.lst files. I have already come up with these problems and decided to automate the process with python.


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I need help with

Understand the reason for the errors and help me understand why I am not organizing them correctly.
Post: and Being able to do my first merge :'v


The 000 error means that you may have an empty line in your OTHERS.lst, however, as you have so many changes it was impossible for me to check. Remember that per challenge you should only attach 10 solutions to the OTHERS.lst that are not specific to your challenge.

Regarding the order of the extensions, I recommend you to look at the other OTHERS.lst files and take a look at their structure.

Finally remember to read, read and read the documentation because there you will find all the steps to make your first MR successfully.

You will make it, don’t worry!