Error in test_policy (deviation)

Im receiving the following error:

[ERROR] Your old deviation was: 1
[ERROR] Your new deviation is: 2
[ERROR] Your expected deviation is: 0
[ERROR] Your unique solutions are: {‘code’: 0, ‘hack’: 2, ‘vbd’: 0}
[ERROR] Your new deviation should be closer to your expected deviation

But I have solved code:3, vbd:3 and this commit is the hack:3.

Whats the problem?

Hi @extra-fashion

Maybe some of your solutions are not unique anymore?

I dont understand why…

The code ones were in a different progamming language,and for the vbd ones i even started a new challenges site folder


When I was searching about your problem I found that is simple, you shoot yourself, because in the VBD challenges you upload the OTHERS for your solution and that makes that your solutions become invalid.

And in code, you make the same in 1 challenge, in the other 2 challenges you didn’t read that already exist an external solution for the language that you choose.

For that reason you didn’t have any unique solution for VBD and code, you must read carefully the submission guide to avoid the loss of your uniqueness (sometimes is inevitable).

The reason why your code solutions aren’t unique:


The reason why your VBD solutions aren’t unique:


Ok, i got it.

Anyway, I still dont understand the usefulness of the OTHERS.lst:

“Each challenge solution must be submitted with 10 external solutions”

OTHERS.lst: It contains the links to the external solutions found on the Internet for said challenge which must not be read or used as a reference to solve the challenge. This file allows an automatic script to perform a similarity analysis with the challenges sent by the candidates.”

“2-They don’t need to be solutions for the same challenge you solved.”

What is the sense in uploading external solutions that are supposed to be checked to ensure they have not been used to solve the challenge but that don’t need to be for the solved challenge?

We have a lot of reasons for that, I can say some of them:

  • We want to enumerate all challenges that we can.
  • We want to challenges our candidates to make unique solutions.
  • We use the OTHERS.lst to see if the solution has some kind of uniqueness.

For that, if you found a solution for your language in the OTHERS.lst that means that your solutions aren’t unique, because other users already found a solution for that in that language.