Error in the pipeline, with the reviews

What happens
I have a problem in the pipeline pipeline, when the task is being performed it throws errors, as evidenced in the image

What do you understand or find about that problem?
As read in the forum it may be a problem to perform the steps properly in git and gitlab

Did you make any solutions? What did you do?
Initially verify that the required steps are correct, as follows:

  1. finish the challenge
  2. copy the challenge into your folder.
  3. use git add to add the challenge.
  4. use git commit and use the commit template.
  5. use git rebase to stay ahead.
  6. use git push to boost my engagement
  7. go to GitLab and view the CI and wait until the pipelines run successfully.
  8. When the pipes are finished, please go to my branch and do an MR (merge request).
  9. Wait until the piping reviews are approved and wait for the peer review.
  10. See the peer review if you have any comments or if the MR passes.

But in the forum a solution was to create a config.toml file in the locar and upload all the content that is in reviews.tolm, and from there specify which jobs you want to execute, but I don’t understand how this should be done to give a solution

First of all, avoid open MR unless all pipes are green (successful status), if you open the MR before all pipelines are green the last pipeline called /reviews will close your MR.

When a pipelines fails, we try to give you the reason why pipelines are failing, you just need to click on the broken pipeline to read why it’s failing.

For instance
Pipeline /test/generic/no_tabs

you can read at the output the reason why this pipeline failed, carefully read the output


You will never have to interact with files other than your solution files.

If you have a problem with a specific pipeline pls add the link

I have a problem with the following pipes and I cannot find the error to find a solution

Some of your problems are pretty clear pls carefully read the outputs, and recheck templates

for example