Error /solutions/gherkin

What happens
I can’t understand why the error is coming out.
What do you understand or find about that problem
The truth I have not managed to understand.
You make any work around? What did you do?
I have tried to read the error code, but without success.
I need help with
error solution

first of all, your branch has 41 commits it should be only 1

pls solve this problem first to help you with the pipeline

and how do i solve it?
I already created another repository, and managed to fix all the other errors, only this one is missing.
I really don’t know how to fix it.
Could you help me please?

Hi ^^
I think that you should review this:
git - la guía sencilla (
And to explain your mistake, as uneasy-ruler said, your local branch has 41 commits below the master branch, you need to pull from the master branch before creating a local branch with your name where you will perform the challenges and then upload it.

Hi :smiley:
ok, thanks so much for your help.
I will put into practice what the guide says.