Error test_commit_message

What happens

Problems passing the test_commit_message, I don’t understand how to build the commit, it doesn’t take the values entered

You make any workaround? What did you do?

I was reading and I see that the structure is:

sol(): #0 , ()

  • others: M in, N out, M+N total.
  • score: X initial, Y final, Y-X progress.
  • global-rank: M initial, N final, M-N progress.
  • national-rank: M initial, N final, M-N progress.
  • effort: H hours during <challenges/immersion>, productivity P points/hour.

I have tried to create it the same way but I always get the same ones when I compile the test


I need help with

Why my commit is always different when compiling the input shows: sol(code):#0 codeabbey, 021 (2.2)? I don’t understand or What can I do to solve this?

Hello @gigant_manipulation,

You have 22 commits in a branch image this may be the cause of you error.

Yes, I saw that, so I deleted the branch and re-created it, and now I take it. Thank you :sweat_smile:!!