[ERROR] Total others not correctly computed

What happens

Two days ago I hadn’t problems with the OTHERS.lst, and now I could see a new job in the pipelines called /test/generic/user_yaml/checks and not matter how configure the others.lst files, always throws an error: [ERROR] Total others not correctly computed

What do you understand or find about that problem

I can’t understand why because two days ago that job even didn’t exists and that error message don’t tell me anything…

Did you try any workaround? What did you do?

I had changed all my links through the OTHERS.lst files


I need help with

Please help me to understand why this error message…


To start with I see that you are doing the challenge in the wrong language, please check the policies section, in the documentation there is more information about how to get started. Remember that in general, you should be on par with the master branch, remember to update your branch to avoid a very robust overflow.

Check that you have counted the following section correctly.

Regards :grin:

With all respect, I wasted two days doing a solution for a problem in raku language, when I had all ready suddenly the policies changed and then pipelines says me that I’m doing the challenge with the wrong language and that’s the reason why I had to change my language to tcsh. The job said me: “your policy is default”

If you can check:


You’re already on senior policies. If you do not update your branch so that it is up to date with the master branch, you will not get the changes that are made in the repository. You are currently 9 commits behind.