Error uploading external links

What happens

The associated bot in gitlab is rejecting the external solutions uploaded in OTHERS.lst, since it is informing me that there is a link that I have copied that is duplicated and also informs me that I have not uploaded the 10 required links.

What do you understand or find about that problem

The errors are clear and concise so it’s easy to understand what my “mistake” is. However, I do not understand why these errors appear if I am complying with the requirements

You make any workaround? What did you do?

To fix this error and understand if I was repeating information or entering incorrect information I decided to organize the links in an excel.


I need help with

Understand what I’m doing wrong since I highly doubt it’s a repository error


When you are going to upload a challenge remember that everything must be in a commit, the link to the commit you provide does not contain any changes other than deleting a link.


Good night.
I have already corrected the error of the 10 links. However, I do not understand very well why it shows me a repeated external solution.
I get an error for a raw link but I think it is a link that was already inside the file.

Apparently that is not your error at the moment, check carefully each pipeline where you get an error.