Error with check_date and code_sort_by_ext

What happens

How to find the solution that show those errors, after to pass the /build/code and /test/code/; and several times more, re-starting my local and remote branch with “git rebase -i ”

Did you try any workaround? What did you do?

After of find my 10 external links and checking the issues prior to push my local and remote commit, I’ve found with two errors, one of these errors is about “/check_date/”; I guess that the date and time will get with “git log” basis, but, and why the pipeline make me an error, similar when the pipeline shows me a “code_sort_by_ext” that’s annoying because I’ve re-ordered by file extension and this OTHERS.lst was filled with broken links.

(Optional) Why does the workaround fail?

Messages type “test/generic/check_date” and "/test/others/code_sort_by_ext/ after of include my 10 external links.


First screenshot with check_date:

Second screenshot with code_sort_by_ext:

Third screenshot with git log, under my VM:

My pipeline where you can find those errors:

I need help with

Before to merge with master, I need to check what is wrong with those issues, I guess that the time zone in Bogotá (Colombia) is UTC-5; but it doesn’t take it and How can I order the OTHERS.lst

Good evening, remember to add 5 hours to your current time (if you’re from Bogota, the idea is to leave it in UTC time, I think that’s what it’s called U.u). on the other hand I have not looked at which links you have uploaded but they have to be organized by extension example:


By the way, to avoid performing a git rebase, you can make a commit that does not make changes, it is more useful and to organize the links I created a program in python, although it is not so necessary, it can be done manually

Ok dude, I will change my current local time on my .yml file in London time (UTC). And I guess that I will re-make my current branch?

I hope your answer, BTW!

Best regards!

Ok dude, I will change my current local time on my .yml file in London time (UTC). And I guess that I will re-make my current branch?

I hope your answer, BTW!

Best regards!

I was looking at the other.lst files and honestly I don’t understand why it gave you an error, however, check the format of the code that you have to submit, so that they don’t reject it when you pass.

First, if your time zone is Bogotá, you must add 5 hours to your date. Remember that the date in the git log must match the one you put in the date, in this case, they don’t match in the seconds part.

For the links, you can look for an online tool that organizes them alphabetically.


Hi everyone!

BTW, Do I need to restart my current local branch and before to push my remote branch, check my commit date?

Exactly, there’s a little trick to that which I hope you can work out for yourself. :wink:

Well, I am going to type "git rebase -i " to restart my local and remote branch, and after; erase both of those branches. And restart, after of these, I will to commit before to push, is that right?

Hello there,

The problem still persist; until I’ve put the time in UTC but infortunalelly doesn’t pass the /test/code, as well as /code_sort_by_ext

The following pictures was the proof:

From the VM using cat command:

As well as like git log:

I hope your comments here fellas, have a nice day!

Bro but the gitlog says 21 February and your yml says 22 February.
have you tried updating the commit date and adding the 5 hours to the yml?

My date says “Wed Feb 22 16:08:02” and I’ve added +5 hours that belongs to UTC, I don’t believe that those could show an error!

I don’t believe how I could happen this!