Error with commit msg

What happens

I have already post something about the error that i am having with lintGitCommit, I’m still having that error but i this moment there is something different. In the error msg it shows me the input that is taking but that input isn’t the commit msg of the commit I pushed, It is a commit msg of a past commit that was wrong either.

What do you understand or find about that problem

I dont known why this is happening. I have been looking in the docs and the forum for more information but I can’t find anything.

Did you try any workaround? What did you do?

I tried pushing new commits but stills the same problem



As you can see the input is different from the real commit msg.

I need help with

I need help solving the error with this job cause it’s the only one that is giving error msg.


You can check in the documentation, how to put correctly the commit.

Be careful with the spaces.