External links for OTHER.lst

Good Day.

I solved a programming challenge in an empty folder with an OTHERS.lst file with 1 link, but I had an issue with the external links for other.lst

The first mistake was adding words next to the links, its fine. But then I received this message from the mod:

“there’s no need to add solutions to the challenge you are updating, you’re just invalidating the challenge”

So, I don’t get it. I have to give 10 external solutions in other languages and no repeating the same language I used, but if I do it then I’m invalidating the challenge.

Thanks in advance.

The semantics for others are perfectly documented here:


Examples of accepted MR about code challenges are here:


This comment that you quoted is perfectly true.

It happened to me: when you upload an OTHERS.lst file for the same challenge you are updating, the uniqueness of your solution may be compromised (at least in CTF challenges). Then, to keep sure the challenge you are doing is unique, be sure there is no OTHERS.lst file inside its folder or, in the case of programming challenges, that OTHERS.lst does not have a link with a solution in the same language you solved the challenge.

What you can do is uploading new links to OTHERS.lst files of different challenges than yours.

Please read sections 3 and 4.


In my case, OTHERS.lst has 1 link in a different language. So if I add 10 external links with different languages than mine in the same folder, it must be valid, right?

Yes, it would be considered a unique solution according to the criteria linked above.

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