Fail Merge-request reviews

What happens

Previously I think I have already asked about this problem but it still confuses me a bit, there are times when I perform the merge and the repository reports the following error

However, when I restart the task, it is fixed, however, it stagnates there and does nothing else.

I also have another question since sometimes this message also appears.

What do you understand or find about that problem

Regarding the first problem, I don’t understand why it happens, however, the second one I think is a consequence of the first problem since the first commit is flying and neither passes nor is rejected and therefore asks me to rebase. However, I don’t know very well whether to rebase or let the commit pass as it is.


You make any workaround? What did you do?

At the moment, I have asked what to do when this problem occurs, but in those occasions I had some errors.
I currently believe that I no longer have them, therefore I suppose that it does not apply


Problem 1:

Pipeline #776226637

Question :

I need help with

Understand the doubts that I exposed previously

You have to be careful when making merge requests, all jobs must have finished correctly before making a merge, that’s basically the mistake.


By the way, when the pipeline is accepted by the bot, another person still has to verify that everything is correct and after that they accept the merge, right?

Pipeline #776373845