Fail of the build_solutions_gherkin

Good night, someone can help me with this mistake.

builder for ‘/nix/store/0z0wbbb5ahrbamwiafi5nqx5ngi2vav1-hacktryhackmeagentsudocleancamera.feature.drv’ failed with exit code 1
error: build of ‘/nix/store/0z0wbbb5ahrbamwiafi5nqx5ngi2vav1-hacktryhackmeagentsudocleancamera.feature.drv’ failed

parallel: This job failed:
helper_build_solution hack/tryhackme/agentsudo/cleancamera.feature build/builders/solutions/gherkin solutionPath

I don’t really understand what the problem is because it’s not very specific about the error.

Thank you very much.

Can you please send the link of the job? Thank you.

Your commit is adding more files than the required, such as commitlint and a parser-preset please update the repo, apply a local rebase, and send only the files related to the hack scope, if the error persists we’ll check it in depth :wink:

I just checked your latests integration. The error starts here:

Basically, your file is not gherkin-compliant.

the mistake is gherkin’s but it doesn’t say how to correct it because I don’t really understand why that mistake

I always do a pull of the master branch and then a rebase, I don’t know why those files were added in my commit

The issue is in the logs, @infinite-loop already told you where to start, read carefully :wink:

Once you get the solution paste here what was the mistake

Okay, thank you very much. I’ll try to see what’s wrong. :grinning:

the error was in the “.feature” since it had some words wrong, but I have a question, how can I run everything ?, because before it was possible with the word “all”, but it is no longer possible due to changes. Thank you very much for the help :grin:

This is also in the logs: training $ ./ build_solutions_gherkin depending on which CI stage fails you may change the job name in the local build to run it all the necessary times until it passes :wink:

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As the CI process is consederably growing, we do not recommend running everything now. Instead, run the integration for the specific language you’re working on, as @hermit-purple said.

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