Failed /solutions/gherkin

What happens

I am trying to upload the files, so that they accept the challenges, but every time I upload them that error appears.

** What do you understand or find about that problem**
I have already loaded it in different ways, with long names, with spaces, with short names, changed values.
But it is not solved.

Explain what do you think about what happens and/or what do you find in your research about what happens.

The truth is I do not know what happens, I do not know why the error occurs, I copy and paste those that were already accepted, I change values and even so I get an error.

You make any workaround? What did you do?
try to load it in multiple ways, with different names, change values.


** I need help with**
I need that you explain what I have to do,

Thank you!

You need to read all the output to understand the problems

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I read it, but I don’t know why it says that the scope is empty.
I don’t understand why it says that my PR has 301 deltas.
and the commit error, I do not know why it says that it does not comply with the syntax if it is the same as it is in hack, I just copy and paste and change values and that’s it.

My suggestion is you should review the sinxasis of others users to take from example. Also you should read all the documentation about Hack and Code commit.

Hack and Code | Autonomic Jump

Following the example syntax:

sol(<scope>): #0 <site-name>, <chall-code> (<complexity>)

That is not the correct syntax


7 commits ahead the master branch

Carefully read documentation

OK thank you very much
thank you very much for your help. :grin:

OK thank you very much
thank you very much for your help.

Actually there are several problems, it is possible that when you repair one you will not realize it since others will continue to appear.

As said uneasy-ruler your MR message does not have the correct syntax.

Between lines 452 and 458 is the solution to another problem.

Also, you should not perform MR on more than one commit at a time.