Failed /test/others/10_external_links

What happens
I don’t know why the error pops up, if I have the 10 urls added.

What do you understand or find about that problem
the error says that I need to add 2 urls, but I already have the full 10 urls.
You make any workaround? What did you do?
edit the file.

I need help with
solution the problem

Please add the link to the pipeline that generates an error whenever this can be useful.

this is the link

thank you.

Your commit is still late (30) and like many new committees (38).

The problem is because there have been many changes in the branch and you have not pulled them to your local repository.

Also you must have a single new commit when you do a push, here are 38:

Please learn how to use these commands to solve your problem:
git log
git reset HEAD^ --soft
git reset HEAD^ --hard
git pull
git commit --amend
git rebase

it’s ok.
I already used it all, I did the pull with success and the rebase was the same.
the truth did not know that files can be uploaded without committing, I did not know that it could be done only with the push.
I will try to see if my errors are solved.
Thank so much.

After doing all of the above, can I upload the files again?

If you consider that you have already solved those errors, you can push and continue normally.

The same errors continue to appear, it is frustrating to try and try and not get progress.
I am doing it with all possible ways, but I really do not see that I’m doing wrong…

I recommend that you delete the repository from your machine and start again. Remember to move the files of the solution of the challenge that you solved to an external folder so that you do not lose it.