Failing on commit methodology

What happens

I’m currently failing on understanding what would be the steps to successfully commit a change and upload a new challenge

What do you understand or find about that problem

Currently these are the steps I’m following to commit and create a merge request

  1. Cloning the repository to my local Linux machine with git clone
  2. Configuring my user and email with git config rjceledon; git config
  3. Changing to my username branch git checkout rjceledon
  4. Making changes in /challenges/hack/tryhackme folder adding a new challenge
  5. Adding the folder with git add blog/ (blog is the folder inside /challenges/hack/tryhackme which I want to add)
  6. Making the commit with the needed format git commit and then chall\sol(hack) #0 tryhackme, & blog (130) and saving changes in nano
  7. Pushing the change with git push origin rjceledon

Then I get the Merge Request link which I use but it gets cancelled

You make any workaround? What did you do?

I tried to delete the branch, change the commit, but I’m failing in the steps I have to follow.

I need help with

Am I following the correct steps to make a commit and subsequent merge request? Now I can see that my username branch exists in the repository and that’s causing me issues when trying to commit a new change since the files already exists and not sure if I can delete those and start again from the beginning.

Hoping someone could help me, thanks in advance!

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Hello and welcome,

Sorry for the delay in responding, we are currently troubleshooting some minor issues in the repository. In about 1-2 hours you will be able to try again to start uploading your challenges. And a little hint, I’ve seen that your branch might not be updated with the master, check this before doing anything…

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@romantic-city Hello again, you can start uploading your challenges to the repository. Remember to read the documentation carefully, you could start here: Hack and Code | Autonomic Jump