Fails test_commit_message

Hello i have the next error when in the test_commit_message

[INFO] Running Commitlint
[INFO] Running Commitlint
⧗   input: sol(hack):#0 machinename website (256)
✖   subject may not be empty [subject-empty]
✖   type may not be empty [type-empty]
✖   scope may not be empty [scope-empty]
✖   found 3 problems, 0 warnings
ⓘ   Get help:
We have found some problems :(
  You can replicate this by running:
    services $ ./ test_commit_msg
[INFO] Deleting: /builds/wGEWekfD/0/autonomicmind/.ephemeral/challenges

I changed many times the commit message, and look in older topics but i found broken links where they said that is the solution.
I used the #0 because i saw the others commits follow that syntax and read this link
and this other link
but i don’t get how is the syntax for the commit :confused: or where i should set subject, type and scope

well the answer is in the templates folder

Just follow the commit-msg-challenges.txt template