Folders without my language solution

I just cloned the “training” repository to see the solutions that my future colleagues have made and I discovered that there are folders that have an “Incomplete” solution, since it doesn’t have a solution file, that is it doesn’t have a programming file of languages ​​and the OTHER.lst file is incomplete and this is an example,

the solution to that challenge has no files of any programming language and in OTHER.Ist only there 3 referral links and I understand that are 10, so I would like to know if I can make my solution in those folders without completing or I have to create another folder?, Since I want to solve this challenge, and see that there is no solution, then it gives me the possibility to create a solution to the challenge.

The 10 others are not necessarily of the same challenge, you can also upload 1 new external solution for 10 different challenges, as long as you place the others in their corresponding folders there is some freedom in this aspect.

Ok and with respect to the files of some programming language with the solution of the challenge, not being in the folder can I place then my solution is there or do I have to create another new folder?, that is to say in the “197” folder that is inside the “codeabbey” folder there is no file with the extension of some programming language that has the solution, so I want to know if I can place my files with the solution in that same folder.

Thank you very much

hey @clean-camera

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The short answer to your specific question, if the folder of the challenge already exists, there’s no need to create a new one. You just have to upload your solution file to the folder (you can also check Challenges with solution in a different lang)

Hello everyone. I have a question around the programming language of my solution. If there isn’t a solution with a specific language in the folder but there is a link solution in the OTHER.lst with that language. Could i upload the solution with that programming language?


Yes, you can upload your solution, but if the solution language is in OTHERS.lst or the folder your solutions didn’t count as unique.

For that reason if you want that your solution count as unique, you must change the language or choose another challenge.

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