FTP conection using node.js

Hi everyone!, I have some questions about the FTP connection using node.js modules, since I have a script that makes a connection from a FTP module as the next code

var ftpClient = require("ftp");
this.ftp = new ftpClient()

host: host,
port: port,
user: user,
password: pass,
connTimeout: connectionTimeout ? connectionTimeout : null,
pasvTimeout: connectionTimeout ? connectionTimeout : null

I would like to know, is this implementation safe? as far as it doesn’t use FTPS or SFTP

Checking the next page https://www.npmjs.com/package/ftp they say that there is a method called “Secure” that accepts the mixed or implicit type, here I got a new question, by using the “secure” method, would it be enough to make a safe connection?

I think the problem lies in whether the connection is encrypted or not, and since they are using FTP instead of SFTP they are vulnerable. It doesn’t matter the type of connection they are using, the traffic is still being sent plain, and that’s the problem.