Git Training Repository Form Error

Hi, I have a problem with the technical challenges. In step 4, I need access to the “Git Training” repository but I need to fill out the form, the problem is that the form returns ERROR 403 when I clicked the link.

Any cause? Thanks in advance.

Please change the images to quoted text.
Regarding the forms, we are currently having issues with them. For now, you can just write your Gitlab username here and we will give you access to the repository.
Sorry about the inconvenience.

I have read and understood all documentation pertaining to technical challenges, I agree to all of the terms and therefore request access to the git training repository with my GitLab username @teohoyos.

Done. You should have access to the training repository now. If so, please mark the thread as solved.

For future reference, the issue has been fixed. The form can now be found in its usual place,

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