Gitlab newbie, looking for docs

Hi!, I’m new into gitlab and all it’s security. It works as github so I have a basic Idea of how it works, but i don’t know how to push a file into the directory where I suppose to upload the code. Can I have a little bit of information or documentation about gitlab?

Hi, could you show us what you have tried? What have you researched? How does your interaction now with gitlab differ with what you used to do in github?

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@roaring-lamport I create a python file, I configure my information on the git config file, then I add it to a remote repository I supposed it is autonomicmind/training/tree/master/code/codeabbey/VALUE, I set a commit then I tried to push it but, it says that it seems not to be a git repository. Its the first time I do that, just improvising. Does it have any sense?

Difficult to help you with this information. In general terms I think that you need first to understand how git works, then how gitlab works, etc.

The other angle is to learn how to build better questions, logs, details about the error, your environment, etc

sorry @blue-snot I get it, I just see that in the documentation, your link help me a lot. Thanks

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