Global and national rank in Codeabbey

Hello World!

I’ve created this post to add clarifications and prevent some common mistakes when dealing with national and global ranking in Codeabbey.

First of all, Codeabey DOES have both national and global ranking, but only shows global ranking. To know your global ranking simply check the ranking page, and scroll down until you find your username:

However, the national ranking is a bit more tricky, since it is not displayed anywhere, to get your national ranking, filter by country and start counting from the first position until you reach your username, unfortunately, this have to be done manually.

A usefull trick I usually applied was to count in bulks per page (pagination) increasing the national position by 50 (or the amount of users in the page) if I didn’t appear on the current page, and if I did appear I start counting manually and added that amount to the previous pagination counter.

I hope this was useful to clarify your doubts :wink: